Here you will find what could be loosely termed a mish-mash of interesting tit-bits of information, and not a few pictures, relating to the company and the things we do, mainly theatre-related but, just occassionally, you might find other stuff too! For instance, when the director was researching for 2013's production of 'King Lear' he came across several excellent reference sites on the internet. One such place is written and maintained by THE PATH GUY. Yeah, The Path Guy. Name says it all. His main page(s) are concerned with...pathology; however, he has several incredibly well-researched pages about Shakespeare and in particular, King Lear, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream. So, if you're in the least bit curious you could do a lot worse than pop over and have a look at what he's got to say. There are also many excellent links to other Shakespeare-related material. Brilliant site. Click on the link above (it's highlighted) and have a look see. You won't be disappointed!

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Lear brings Cordelia from imprisonment and mourns her death.


If you'd like to see more live theatre - and let's face, who wouldn't? - but find the cost, or distances, too prohibitive - and let's face it, who doesn't? - you could a lot worse than visit Digital Theatre. Filmed live performances from some of the great theatres, producers and actors of our time. And it costs pennies by comparison. Click on the logo link opposite and get your fix of real live theatre. Result!

Some of the plays that we have performed may well have whetted your appetite for doing something a little different on your own account - particularly if you belong to a theatre group who, perhaps, have a tendency to stick with the tried and trusted. Nothing wrong with that...except...put it this way: you may love to eat sausage and mash, but you wouldn't want to see it on your plate seven days a week, would you? OK, you might, but variety is the spice of life, so they say.

Now, if any of the plays that we've performed, 'Clowns', 'Buying Back The Past' and so on, have got you thinking...think no more!

Drop us a line and we'll send you some sample pages of the script so you can see if your theatre group would like to give one of them a shot. We'll even give you advice on staging, costumes etc. And we'll be adding more to the list as time goes by. See which one your acotrs/directors might fancy. Have a look at the list below and vary your audience's diet a little!! Who knows? You might even get inspired to write something on your own account. All timings are approximate.

HACKS: Cast: five female, one male. Single set: office. Lighting: simple. SFX: minimal. Time: 40 mins

              Office politics are fine...if you're a politician. You have to know whose side you're on and, more importantly, who's after                   your job! And if you keep secrets, especially if you're an editor, make sure you don't leave incriminating evidence lying                   around for anyone to find...and use. 

              Five great female characters and a plot that has several secrets of its own to reveal, right down to the last line.

CLOWNS: Cast: four male, one female, one 'off-stage' V/O. Single set: theatre changing room. Lighting: simple. SFX:                            minimal. Time: 45-50 mins

                 It's the 32nd Grimsby Clown Convention, and the cream of the clowning world are gathered to compete. For some, it's                    their first time at competition and for others, it could well be their last. How come Sparkles is so vitriolic and angry? And                    why does Bernard resort to more than just a nip at his hip flask? Who wears yellow make-up? And will Dave finally get                    his second chance? All they have to do is win...and stay within the confines of the Clown Commandments. It'll be tough,                  but clowns are just that: tough.

BUYING BACK THE PAST: Cast: 2 female, 6 male - males can be doubled. Single set: park bench & litter bin. Lighting:                                                    needs to change according to mood, but not complex. SFX: more complex. Time: 30 mins

                 Albert is homeless, living on a park bench, where he meets with Miss Julie, who tries to make sure he is eating and                         keeping healthy. But Albert's memory is playing games with him. He is part of the Forgotten Army, a soldier who, with the                 people he meets, is constantly reminded of his time in Burma. And his secret is slowly driving him mad. His story isn't the                 only thing that catches up with him or the people around him.

ECHOES:  Cast: 3 female, 3 male - potential for two actors to play all the parts. Single set: one stool, centre stage. 

                 Lighting: simple. V&SFX: more complex. Time: 20 mins

                 Six people are interviewed by an unseen and unheard TV presenter. From completely different walks of life, all of                            different ages and from different ages, they tell personal stories of their experineces of war. From WWII to Afghanistan                    to the Falklands, all are deeply personal and relevant. First perofrmed under the title 'Haven't We Been Here Before?'                    the play should performed with a caveat of language content. Please Note: 'Echoes' can be performed without the use                    of the rolling photographs - which we can supply - but it's effectiveness is enhanced by the multimedia aspect.   


ROSE-TINTED GLASSES: Cast: 1 female, 1 male. Single set: two chairs centre stage. Lighting: simple. VFX: pictures used                                             to comedic effect on back-projection. Time: 25 mins 

                                          The Internet. Wonderful. Internet that's another story completely. This is that story. Every                                             picture tells a story, but if the picture is...not what you do you get out of it? A modern                                                 comedy of manners, where the manners are optional!

SPLIT ENDS:  Cast: 1 female, 3 male. Single set: in a gentleman's barbershop. Lighting: simple. SFX: moderate. 

                      Time: 20 mins

                      Vidor Monsoon, Bob to his friends, is bored. And a barber. Possibly not a winning combination and certainly not for                         his unsuspecting customer who only wants a trim. Bordering on the absurd with infinite possibilities for adaptation                           and comedic licence, this is one to just have fun with.

DOMINION:  Cast: 3 female, 3 male. Double set - changed during interval. Lighting: moderate. SFX: simple. The second set,                     whilst still taking lace in the protagonist's home, requires medical equipment and re-arrangement.

                    Time: 2 hours plus 20 min interval. Go to the 'OTHER PRODUCTIONS' page and watch extracts from the play.

                    Siobhan is dying...and has decided to find Eddie, her husband, a new partner before she goes. But things are                                 complicated by the annoying man that wanders in and out of her sick room and by her own refusal to accept any help.                     A new nurse for Siobhan should help ease the situation; but it doesn't. It just makes things all the more complicated.                       At its heart, Dominion is a love story; a story of how we forget who love, why we love them and that love is so much                         more than just understanding. Please note: Some people may find the themes being dealt with in this play upsetting;                       a warning to that effect should posted in the theatre and in your programme. Content advisory.


 THE GOLEM'S BOX  and  THE BURNING OF THE LEAVES - two new, full-length dramas from The Inn Theatre Company.

If you would like to see samples of these, or any of the plays mentioned above, please just drop us a line.

We've had a huge number of inquiries about the misc featured at the start of the Dominion clip. So here it is, with a montage of pictures from the production. Enjoy.

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