Here are some pictures of the cast of Twelfth Night coming on for their curtain call. It not only gives you an idea of the scale but also a clue to the amount of work that Jenny and her team put into the costumes. You meet more of these amazing actors further down the page. The pictures above will scroll through every ten seconds or so. Enjoy.

There have been, over the years since the company was formed, many different people involved in many different ways. Acting, building sets, lighting and sound, costumes and the dreaded 'paperwork'. Some of the original team are still with us, some have, as previously stated, gone on to professionalism, others have moved away and some, sadly, have passed away. Gone, perhaps, but certainly not forgotten. Here are five of our much-missed friends and it is to them that this page is respectfully and lovingly dedicated.

Em Jeffries
Gordon Martin
Paul Wonnacott

Left to right we see:

Em Jeffries at the second DSW for Taming of the Shrew; 

Gordon Martin, Dartmouth's thespian clergyman;

and the inimitable and lovely Paul Wonnacott, who graced so many of the productions. 


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Susan Stark Humphreys

Above from right to left are: Susan Stark Humphreys, one of the original committee members; Margaret Rowe, who appeared in many productions and was the most amazing prompt at rehearsals; Jake Olivier-deNiro, canine thespian super-star

Since the founding of the Company in 2002 and our first production in 2003, with Twelfth Night, there have been well over 200 people involved in getting the show on the road. On this page, hopefully in some sort of chronological order, are just some of those people.

Sir Toby Belch

Above: David Fallow as Sir Toby Belch in 2003's production of Twelfth Night, our very first!

And below are, on the left, Victoria Lethbridge, and on the right Clare Hollett, in the 2004 production of The Taming of the Shrew

Victoria and Clare
Tony Tucker

Above is Tony Tucker as The Pedant in Taming of the Shrew

Below is Luke Trebilcock as Grumio in Taming of the Shrew.

Luke is another of our members who has taken the plunge and gone into the professional theatre

Luke Trebilcock
Craig Bowles
Ken Hayden-Sadler

The top picture is Craig Bowles, very nice earring, as Lucentio, in 

The Taming of the Shrew.

And below is Ken Hayden-Sadler, 

very nice ruff, as Hortensio, 

in The Taming of the Shrew

Adam Dodd
Toby Davies as Bassanio

Toby Davies as Bassanio in Merchant of Venice

Emily Fricker as Juliet.
Gareth Ballyn

Gareth Ballyn as Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet

The Mechanicals
Lizzie the Ballerina

Katherine Cohen as Ariel

On the left is Gil Garland as Caliban

Beatrice & Benedick
Max as Shylock

To the left is Adam Dodd in Taming of the Shrew;

above, Max Brandt as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice - an original painting by David Fallow; on the right are Abbie Evans as Nerissa and Georgia Elson as a serving maid in Merchant of Venice.

Sarah Walsh as Portia

Sarah Welsh as Portia in Merchant of Venice


Left: Emily Fricker as Juliet

Above: Romeo - another actor gone professional;

Right: Mark Riley who has appeared in Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest and Macbeth


Original design for Lady Montague's dress by Marilyn Bird

Puck & Oberon

Clockwise, left to right, from the 2007 production of Midsummer Night's Dream: 

Jane Windsor-Smith; Harry Satloka; Gil Garland; Nick Crosley; Jon Miles; Jack Corrigal; Jill Brock; Gay Brent; Sophie Griffiths; Georgia Elson; 

Tinah O'Reilly; Lizzie Busby and Nick again with his asses head on, which was leant to us by 

the Tolthorpe Theatre Company.

Ferdinand & Miranda

Mark Riley as Ferdinand and 

Corrina MacIntosh as Miranda.

Hero Betrayed

Left is Sally Feetenby as Beatrice with Phil Scoble as Benedick; above is Phil Braakenburg as the Priest and on the right, in the middle, is 

Vernon Davis as Claudio, along with other actors that you've already met!

These shots are from the 2009 production of

Much Ado About Nothing. 

Abbie as Nerissa
Gil Garland

Gil Garland as Solario in Merchant of Venice

Mark Rilet
Lady Montague

Sarah Marshall as Lady Montague

Some of the Faeries
Gonzalo, Alonso, Sebastian

Left to right: Mike Roope as Gonzalo; 

Nick Teage as Alonso; 

Ben Hamilton as Sebastian

The Galleon

This is the magnnificent galleon that was built for the 2008 production of The Tempest, along the specially commissioned wind and rain machines, replicas of those which were used at The Globe in the original production of the play.

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