A Midsummer Night's Dream


The Inn Theatre Company presented A Midsummer Night's Dream, marking the 16th Annual Dartmouth Shakespeare Week production. The production took place in the open-air at Dartmouth Castle on 24th - 28th July, 2018.

1 Bottom, Flute and Snug.JPG
Fantastic performance again - this is the sixth performance I’ve seen and everyone has been unique and brilliant. Stand out performances for me was puck quince bottom Oberon and Titania. Costumes were awesome and the fairies were magical in an amazing setting. Perfect start to the summer holidays - bravo everyone involved.
4 Cobweb, Peaseblossom, Moth and Mustardseed.JPG
Midsummer Night’s Dream performed at Dartmouth Castle was one of the best theatrical experiences ever. It was charming, delightful. Actors’ diction was excellent so there was no trouble processing the language. Actors were in role 100% so the magic was never broken. Puck was a masterful hub for the whole play. Great to see Dartmouth Academy kids in the cast doing great work. Even the moon rose to cue. Great direction throughout. Great sound and lighting. A brilliant evening.
5 Oberon, Puck and Titania.JPG
A stunning, magical performance with lots of humour. One of my favourite plays and you certainly did it justice. Stand out actors for me were Puck - incredible, her eyes spoke volumes, Bottom who was so funny and Titiana who had such presence and was mesmerising. Brilliant, well done to all involved.
10 Titania and Bottom.JPG
Always top quality productions! You would not associate what they do with ‘amateurs’.
11 Lysander, Helena and Demetrius.JPG
It was a magical performance extremely well produced stunning location and the moon on the sea joined in the celebration, without doubt, I will book tickets for next year.
14 Love's Young Dream.JPG
What a magical evening! Thank you to all the actors, backstage and directing team for giving such a fun performance in the most beautiful setting.
15 titania wooing Bottom.JPG
My very first experience of Shakespeare, it will not be the last, what an excellent production, well-done everyone.
17 The Faerie Cohorts Arrive for the Play.JPG
Wonderful peoples’ theatre. Beautiful setting and stunning location, good company and sincerely executed acting. Thank you for your lovely performance.
My first ever Shakespeare play .....wow wow wow.
Well done everyone loved it.
A brilliant production of Midsummer Nights Dream. Magical setting, superb acting and fantastic technical and lighting support made this an all-round must-see production.
A fantastic performance of the play thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
Brilliant! Go and see it if you can. Well done everyone.
A brilliant performance in the perfect setting. Absolutely cracking live entertainment.
The actors, the stage, it was all amazing. Thank you!
Boys first Shakespeare and they LOVED it - so did we!
Fantastic evening and all the cast were excellent. Can’t wait for your next production.
Ella Donald