Macbeth Rehearsals


And So It Begins…

Look at how fresh-faced and enthused they all are…but this was right at the start of the process, back in January 2019. And it hasn’t changed to this day. We’re very proud of the fact that, as a company, we’ve managed to engage and keep so many young actors, who, at the start of their time with us, thought Shakespeare wasn’t something that they’d enjoy.

The Cast of Macbeth: Dartmouth Shakespeare Week 2019

The Cast of Macbeth: Dartmouth Shakespeare Week 2019


Most of the work up until now has been on character development and how we move and speak on stage at the castle…as you can see, it’s a pretty big space that we have to fill…even with boundary mics. Since January we’ve had three full weekend workshops and we have met, in groups of varying sizes, every Monday and Thursday evening. There’s group work, obviously, and smaller, more intimate sessions, usually with the principals, although the witches, goblins and sundry other characters have had their workouts too.

But above all, we have fun doing what we do.

Workshop shenanigans, including Macbeth - The Ballet, Macbeth - The Musical and the Macbeth’s quoting the Witches.

We move to start rehearsing at the castle in the middle of May, when (we sincerely hope) the weather will have improved. We’ll post some more pictures and keep you updated as to what’s happening with everything else we have planned for the future.

Tickets for Macbeth are on sale now. If you go to the Home Page, you’ll find a button to click that will take you to the box office.

Max Brandt