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Once upon a time in Dartmouth...

... 2002, if we're being precise, a group of friends thought it would be a great idea to put on an open-air Shakespearean production, and Dartmouth Castle seemed to be the ideal setting.Of course, one of the most important decisions that had to be made was: What would they call themselves? So they ordered another round of drinks at the bar of The Cherub Inn (can you see where this is going?) and put their not inconsiderably endowed heads together. Thus was born The Inn Theatre Company. Little did they know! The full story of The Inn Theatre Company is to be found within the pages of this site. Have a look around, you'll be amazed at the number of people, over the years, who have been involved and helped make us what we are today.

Living and working in the South Hams, as the majority of the Company do, we feel it only right that we should try to put back a little of that which has been afforded us by the people who support us; whether that be audience or sponsors or volunteers.

To that end, we decided to take a percentage of our ticket sales and make a donation to a specific charity every year. The donation in 2009 was sent to Children's Hospice South West & Macmillan Nurses. In the past we have also made donations to other local bodies, amongst them The Dartmouth Film Society, St.Petrox Church & Dartmouth Caring.

2010 saw over £2000 going to local causes and our production 'Dominion' raised £150 for Rowcroft Hospice; 2011 and 'As You Like It' raised a staggering £1500 for a local Parkinson's Lounge and some money towards our new community bookshop. And every year will be no different; we will keep giving to our local causes as long as there is a need.

Do you know of a local charity that could do with a finanacial boost? Then tell us! It's simple. Just drop a line, to our 

Artistic Director:

Jane Windsor-Smith, Flat 1, Stapleton House, 

25, Thurlow Road, Torquay TQ1 3DZ

or via our company e-mail -

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The Cherub Inn - where it all began!

Nick and Jack rehearse The Tempest

Nick and Jack - suitably amused and impressed

In 2012, our tenth anniversary year, we wanted to make it something very special. Despite external pressures and problems, we achieved what we set out to do: donate over two thousand pounds to local charities and causes AND see the total amount we have given, over the years, top the ten thousand pound mark. And we've done it! So, huge thanks to everyone who has given: the audiences, our sponsors and friends and all the actors, technicians and GDB's who have, in the last ten years, given of their time and energy for no financial reward whatsoever.


The recipients of the donations in 2012, who have been informed and, in most case, have already received their cheques, are as follows: The Cayle Royce Fund, for a local soldier, serving in Afghanistan, who was severely injured in the course of duty; The St. Petrox Organ Fund, so that the magnificent old church can once again have organ music (and the church is also where we perform should the weather be just too severe, even for us!);
The Dave Sharp Young Musician's Foundation, (set up in memory of a young musician who passed away in his thirties)
a local charity that allows other young musicians to learn an instrument and perfect their art;
Dartmouth Caring, a local organisation without whom many of the area's elderly, infirm, lonely and disabled people would be a whole lot worse off; Dartmouth & District Food Bank, a more recent addition to the local community, set up to help those in need; The Townstal Community Hall, part of the new Townstal initiative to promote community awareness and involvement.

This what we do. Theatre that not only entertains but has a heart. Thank you all.