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We are returning to our more 'traditional' roots in 2017 with a stunning, evocative and thought-provoking production of 'Othello'

This year's director is Max Brandt, with Freya Hoban as A/D, 

the design team is lead by Jill Brock and the music 

will be created and performed by 

Ben Malley, Jessica Hayward and Louis Carr.

Tickets will be available soon from this site and Dartmouth Tourist Information.

You can also keep right up to date with all the minutae by going to Facebook and having a look at the Friends page - it's a bit of fun and you can see what the everyone thinks, including some of the good people who come to see the plays at the Castle

The South Hams area is alive with talent. It never ceases to amaze us how many people seem to appear from nowhere and offer their services whenever the call goes out. Many of our previous members have gone on to forge careers in the professional theatre, not least of whom is Toby Davies, who has formed his own theatre company, called Reading Between The Lines, in Reading. They recently performed Twelfth Night with huge success and you can find out more about them HERE.

However, you don't have travel miles to see great theatre or be entertained. Below is a short list of other non-professional companies in our area who produce fantastic shows and who, like us, do it for the pure enjoyment 

they get from entertaining people.

Our good friends at KATS are incredibly prolific and have recently presented their production of Shakespeare's forgotten rock and roll classic, Return to the Forbidden Planet; and excellent it was too! See what's what HERE.

We aren't the only group in Dartmouth, oh no. The Dartmouth Players have been around considerably longer than we and every year they stage the most fantastic Pantomimes. And that's not all - they are currnetly producing a specially written play called 'Edie'. You can see how they go about it HERE.

The South Devon Players also write their own material and put on shows of excellent quality. They too are in the throes of a new production, not too far from completion, and you can get tickets and find out about them HERE.

And neither are we the only company to produce Shakespeare in the open-air. The Dartington Playgoers have an idyllic setting for their productions too and this year they're doing The Tempest. Have a look and see them in action HERE.

Other local groups that produce wonderful shows to an amazing standard are listed below - click on their names and have a look!


TOADS THEATRE COMPANY                                                     TOTNES AMATEUR OPERATIC & DRAMATIC SOCIETY

Every year we use a myriad of different services to help us produce Dartmouth Shakespeare Week. When we find one that is particularly helpful, inexpensive or just plain excellent, we will put a link up here so you can, perhaps, use their services too!

Cafe Alf Resco - supporters, in so many ways, of The Inn Theatre Company and

 Dartmouth Shakespeare Week. 

Click on the logo and visit their site.

The Renaissance Historical Dance Society -

 let them help you with a wonderful day!!

The Flavel Arts Centre - where we sometimes rehearse, have our auditions and read-throughs and produce plays. Click and visit - huge programme of upcoming events; something for everyone

Will always give the best Medieval/Renaissance music performance.

Inspiring young people in Devon and Cornwall

John filmed King Lear and Twelfth Night for us - absolutley excellent!

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